Data Types{2}

by Jamal A
The article I read talks about the most important contemplations of selecting correct data types when designing a SQL Server database. It talks about how choosing a correct data type in the database design phase can have a significant impact on the efficiency and performance. According to the article, the SQL Server offers six sets of data types. First and formost commonly used data types that stores numeric information are called “The Exact Numeric Data Types” that includes: int, decimal, and money.  The next data type is called “The Approximate Numeric Data Types”, this data type are not as commonly used as the exact numeric data types. The approximate numeric data type includes: float, and real. Moving on, the next data type that is mentioned in this article is called “Date and Time Data Types”, this data types allow designers to easily work with time zones. After that, the next data type in the category is called “Character String Data Types”, it is used to store text values in Microsoft SQL Server databases, and this includes: char, nchar, varchar, nvachar, and text.  The next data type that is mentioned in this article is called “Binary Data Types”, it allows DBAs to store any type of binary data, this includes: bit, binary, varbinary, varbinary(max), and image. Finally, the last data type that is mentioned in this article is called “The Other Data Types”, it includes: cursor, sql_variant, table xml, and uniqueidentifier.

This article relates to class because it talks about the importance of using data types. I learned it the hard way because when I was working on my database project. I did not set my data type correctly and I ended up doing the project twice. So it is important to set the data type correctly in the database design phase. I learned a lot from this article. I just wish I had found this article earlier.

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