Data warehouse management{Comments Off on Data warehouse management}

by Chris S
Data warehouses are databases that are used for reporting and analysis of data. Therefore, for businesses it is important to maintain a data warehouse that is reliable. Managing a data warehouse is up to the database administrators. Top priority is recovery of data that may be temporarily lost. Data availability is second, as businesses need to be able to access their data whenever necessary. Next, is security because many data warehouses hold crucial information on customers and employees as well as business partners. Making this data secure is big part of administration. Last, performance is important to make sure that the data warehouse provides the data in a timely manner. Almost always data warehouses are the most important part of a business and need to be working efficiently and be secure. Managing data warehouses is an important job and many companies can’t afford to have any issues with their data warehouses. Enterprise data warehouses are harder to manage since they are a lot larger than a typical data warehouse and contain historical data for a business.

Even though recovery is top priority, I believe security is the most important part of data warehouse management. Businesses want to make sure that their data is not open to the public. Most information stored on data warehouses is what keeps the business going and if any leaks of any type happen, it can bring a company to bankruptcy. Performance would be second because data warehouses can store heavy amounts of data and in most cases, too much data on a warehouse can cause access to that data to be slow. In the business world, if data needs to be retrieved, it needs to be done quickly and to sit and wait for tables to  load and cost money. Administrators have a lot to deal with when it comes to managing data warehouses. A lot falls on them and businesses rely on them to monitor and make sure their databases are well maintained.

Enterprise data warehouses require much more management since they are bigger in size as well as structure. Like technology in general, the standards for maintaining such systems will always be changing to keep up with their advancement. Database Administrators will have to adapt to these changes to make sure that the best practices are up to date and the data warehouses are properly maintained. As long as data is stored, businesses will always need to access this data and administrators need to ensure that it can be accessed accordingly. I believe Database Administrators are the most important aspect to a Database as they ensure its security and performance.