Data Warehouse Maturity Model{Comments Off on Data Warehouse Maturity Model}

by Andrew M
The article I read this week was entitled “A Model of Data Warehousing Process Maturity” by Arun Sen, K. Ramamurthy and Atish Sinha. The point of this article was to talk about some of the issues that business’ experience when dealing with Data Warehouses. Some of the issues that firms experience with Data Warehousing are metadata management, data changes and results not being relevant to the end user. The authors say this is due to the lack of experience of some Data Warehouse engineers and also the fact that Data Warehouse’s are hard to create and upkeep. The authors suggest using a maturity model which would help with upkeep and design. This would also show the parties who are interested what the life time of this Data Warehouse will be.

This article is extremely related to what we are currently learning. In class we are learning about Data Warehousing and this article talks about some of the most common issues that Data Warehouses face. This article gives what the authors feel is a solution which will get rid of if not alleviate many of the issues that Data Warehouses have.

I feel this article was very well written and was extremely detailed. While I do believe a Data Warehouse Maturity Model could help with some of the issues the authors talked about, I do not think it will fix all of them. From a development stand point their solution would work great but if there are still untrained technicians working with Data Warehouses it does not matter how well a model is made.


Sen, A.; Ramamurthy, K.; Sinha, A.P.; , “A Model of Data Warehousing Process Maturity,”Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions on , vol.38, no.2, pp.336-353, March-April 2012