Data Warehouse Success{Comments Off on Data Warehouse Success}

by Giselle N
The article I read this week attempts to answer the questions following the success of data warehousing. For example, what constitutes data warehousing success? What factors contribute to data warehousing success? And lastly, which factors are related to which success measures? The author goes onto to say that since the 1990’s data warehousing “has become the foundation of advanced decision- support applications.” Also, that many businesses have used data warehousing to learn about how to increase sales, reduce costs and offer new and better products/services. The authors offered a web-based questionnaire to collect information from data warehouse professionals. The following results are from 98 completed questionnaires. Responses on the significance of data warehousing benefits resulted in respondents valuing “improved productivity” the most, while “more information” the least.  Responses to the question, “ How important is each factor to the success of your warehouse?” Resulted in respondents saying that “clearly defined business needs/benefits” are more important than “practical implementation schedule” to the success of data warehousing. The authors go on to conclude that the results are useful to businesses looking to measure what is important in the success of data warehousing and also what factors are most important to its success.

I found this article highly informative. There is so much information this article has that’s it’s worth looking at. I don’t know how much information is available out there to help figure out the success of data warehousing, but as this article suggests there is not many studies done to find out what the critical success factors are among them. As the author says, “Although many guidelines for implementation exist, most of them are derived from anecdotal evidence. This research provides empirical data on data warehousing success and factors that contribute to success.” This information could be very valuable in the future for anyone one considering creating a database for reporting and analysis.


Hwang, M. I., & Xu, H. (2005, A survey of data warehousing success issues. Business Intelligence Journal, 10(4), 7-13. Retrieved from