Data Warehouses for Educational Analysis

by Eric C
In a peer reviewed journal entitled “Building a Data Warehouse to Analyze Entrance Exams” written by Dr. Kornelije Rabuzin, explains building a data warehouse dedicated to student data for analysis. Using business intelligence and the combination of databases and data warehouses, it is possible to analyze student data for educational purposes. Such analysis will determine, based on an entrance exam administered to high school students, to see if students are ready for college and what materials do they know or do not know. Having such data and information can give administrators a handful of reports to determine what the best steps are for students going to college after high school. Based on the types of information mentioned in the article, it didn’t seem much can be done to analyze data based on entrance exam scores, high school grades, and regular exam scores. However, it was difficult to extract such information from various databases and it took much programming and two months. The data was loaded and organized into a star schema structure. But after loading everything into the new database warehouse, it was very useful to determine the student selection process and targeting high schools for certain skills in students.

Building a data warehouse can also benefit the educational setting as well rather than just for businesses. Having such a data warehouse can be very beneficial to business and institutions to analyze data for thoughtful analysis. The article mentioned in general details on how to build such a data warehouse and how to organize the data warehouse that was mentioned in the textbook, which reinforces what I have read in the chapter.

This was an interesting read to know that somewhere colleges use a data warehouse dedicated to student data for analysis. Although the author of the journal is based in Croatia’s educational system, it would be an interesting concept to bring here into the states for analysis. Since California public colleges receives so many applications for enrollment, having a data warehouse for these students’ data would make it easier to sort out those who are a good fit for a specific university. However, the bigger problem is making a universal database at the K-12 level that is compatible with the database for the universities for easier compatibility.


Rabuzin, K. (2012). Building a data warehouse to analyze entrance exams. The Business Review, Cambridge, 19(2), 121-128. Retrieved from

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  • November 25, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    Implementing something like this in the states would be very nice. Especially with laws such as the No Child Left Behind in place. The ability to analyze and gauge a students skills could potentially do amazing things to the society. Unfortunately I can almost already hear the protestors complaining about how unfair the system is and how it doesn’t work. Two sides to every story I suppose. Nice article.

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