Data Warehousing and the Best Practices for it{2}

Data Warehousing Practices to Support Business Initiatives and Needs

The article I read was about data warehousing architecture and the practices that are used in businesses and companies.  There are two methods that were mentioned in the article, the Bill Inmon Style and the Ralph Kimball Style.  The article goes into detail to explain the practices of a major U.S. retail company and how they came to choose the Inmon Style.  The Inmon style calls for an atomic-level, third-normal form relational format in which to store extracted and transformed data.  They thought that this method was most useful and applicable to the company.  The author also explores the best practices to use for data warehousing such as data modeling, loading, attributes, and other important factors.  The article concludes informing the reader of the results of these data warehousing practices and how many departments are benefiting from queries and requests for data warehouse data, and it has been a valuable source of data that benefits the entire company.

I thought that this article was relatable to the lecture topics of the week because it explored data warehousing in great detail.  It showed how one method, the Inmon Style called for a third-normal form relational format, which was something that we talked about in class.  It was very informative and thoroughly explained the necessity of data warehousing along with procedures and practices that were important to it.  It used a real life company as an example and applied the data warehousing practices to a real life situation that I was able to relate to.

This article was very interesting and informative.  Although only brushing on the brim on the topic of data warehouse, this article did a more than adequate job at discussing the topic.  Data warehousing is a big topic to cover and there is an unlimited amount of information about it.  If anything, this article has sparked my interest on data warehousing and opened the door to gather more information on the subject and how it is relatable to real time situations.

Heller, W. (2004, January 5-8). Best Practices in Data Warehousing to Support Business Initiatives and Needs. IEEE Conference Publications