Database and Storage{1}

by Eric H
In this article it talked about the importance of physical storage of the database and how to manage it. Storage management is a important factors in the whole database operation, but most time the database administrator leave the task of for other people in the IT department to handle. For best result the database administrators should work together with the storage administrators. There are more data now than ever before, large dad warehouses are becoming very common these days. To store these data the most commonly used disk drives or disk subsystems are RAID, other storage devices like SSD, optical storage are always used. While managing a database the database administrators should focus on preventing loss of data, making sure there are enough capacity for future growth of the database, picking storage systems that have a good balance of reliability and performance, and with all the above requirements and still stay within the budget of the company(Mullins, 2010).

I find this interesting relates to the project and everything we talked about in class. Currently the project we are working on has very little data, but the database files thatĀ  i get after detachingĀ  from SQL Server is pretty big at about 3MB. It doesn’t matter much, because it’s only a little bit of data. But what if the amount of data we have to enter were thousands times of the one we have now, then storage will become a problem. The concept of physical disk storage doesn’t cross my mind when i think about database, but reading the article got me thinking about the actual storage medium. If i were to get into database administration i will make sure i pay more attention in picking the perfect amount of storage, and the perfect storage system that are easily upgrade


Mullins, C. S. (2010). Managing database storage. Database Trends and Applications, 24(3), 29-29. Retrieved from