Database Anomalies{1}

by Han C

This article talks about data anomalies, which are basically flaws within a database. They can occur at different times during use. Though it may be difficult to avoid these kinds of mistakes, by gaining a better understanding of the types of anomalies, we may be able to limit its consistency.

There are three types of anomalies: modification, insertion, and deletion. Modification anomalies occur when data is updated because problems can arise resulting in redundancy. Insertion anomalies occur during the first time you insert data into your database or even when a new record is inserted. The cause is attributed usually to missing row values or missing formatted entries. This is one of the most common insertion errors according to the article. Next is the Deletion anomalies, they can occur when trying to delete something from your database which is tied to a relation. The signs of a deletion anomalies are errors messages while you are trying to delete data or unseen drop off of data. The article explains that this can sometimes be the most costly because it often goes unnoticed for extended periods.

What Are The Database Anomalies?