Database Designer 1.0{Comments Off on Database Designer 1.0}

by Peter C

According to Howard article, he stated that Oracle is lowering the cost of Database Designer 1.0 by scaling it. It will make it easier for the users to use because it will reduce it complexity. The database designer is good for a stand-alone environment because it does a good job on generating a database. The Database has a wizard that can convert it into a diagram. They can copy the old database and format to a new database. It will make the user to be able to use it easier for their company. The product has the ability to generate SQL and is also compatible with high-end databases. In addition to the Reverse Engineer Wizard, it contains a Data Diagrammer and the Generation Wizard. This will give the user an overview of the project and can show them how it is process.


I think that this article shows the reader of how Database Designer 1.0 is better than before. The system was made to design a database for anyone that need to create one. It is made easier for the user to use it because they script down the unnecessary data from the original design. Now it is cheaper and easier to use. It is also compatible with other operator such as SQL. It can show the relationship between the tables and entities that is in the design.

I believe that I would love to have this program if I was creating a database. I like to use something that is as simply like this database design program. 1.0 is great for starters but not for complex database design.


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