Database & Social Networking

by David H

This article is talking about how crucial of database marketing and social network affect to business. Nowadays, technologies have been growth. Many businesses or companies want to build strong bond long term relationship with customers or clients. They want to serve customers and clients with more efficiency. By doing so, many businesses need to create database to keep track information, or the needs of customers.  The purpose that company need to create database are “identify potential customers, defining the customer with who will receive a personalized of offer, updating customer orders, and increasing customer loyalty.” Social networking is most power tool that use to create connection of everyone or between user and business or client. Nowadays we use some of website such as blog, Facebook, twister, MySpace…. to communicate or share information with others more convenience and fast. Business use social network to advertise their ad. It makes business expand more bigger and bigger.


I found this article is very helpful because it helps me to have better understanding why business needs to have database. I have learned that through the database of marketing, the company will increase productivity, build strong relationship with clients or customers, and create an opportunity for competitive advantages with other company. On the other hand, the cost of activity will reduce and make company more profitable. In addition, I have learned that in order to gain customers trust, the company needs to have strong security system to protect data because it is privacy information of clients. Moreover, the database needs to update frequency.



GREGUREC, I., EVIĆ, T., & DOBRINIĆ, D. (2011). THE IMPORTANCE OF DATABASE MARKETING IN SOCIAL NETWORK ADVERTISING. International Journal Of Management Cases, 13(4), 165-172.

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  1. Social networking is important and would be impossible without databases. Besides keeping people connected, it gives rise to new businesses that maintain those databases effectively.

  2. This is an interesting article, over the last few years I have seen businesses trying to improve on their customer service and loyalty. This is not only relevant in Social networking sites but also businesses such as Amazon and Ebay. When you log in to your account they review your past and recent search history, to determine products that you might be interested in. This is a perfect business strategy because you are more prone to buying products from their company. As time goes on we will see businesses try new and innovative ways to keep and attract new customers.

  3. Interesting article! This article is a perfect example why we see so many ads on Facebook, Myspace, or Myyearbook. Businesses are using social networking website to promote their businesses. I have a friend who recently started his business of selling stuff like ebay. He signed up on Facebook, tweeter and many other networking website to promote his business and get more customers. I think in near future we will see more online businesses than actual stores.

  4. Do you guys know that police and other federal officials now use Facebook, myspace and other social network website as their first source to find a person and to track a person in their first 48 hours. Also do you guys know that e-mail addresses are more valuable than social security number?

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