Database usage in the healthcare industry{1}

by Quoc L
The Memorial medical center in Sangamon County started to use database to track different type of medical data. It’s database help local politician make the right guide line for it hospital, such as what medicines each individual hospital should stock up on. Memorial health system pay Healthy Communities Institute in Berkeley California to compile all it hospital data into Sangamon county medical database. The country does this because of federal guide lines that dictate non-profit hospitals to perform an in-depth analysis of it health needs in their communities. This comprehensive collection of data help the county finds out that it have one of the highest diabetes and cancers rate in state.

I find this article pretty interesting as it describes the incredible usage of database in all fields. With such a comprehensive collection of data, Sangamon law maker can create laws to low it diabetes and cancer rate in the country. It shocking to know how highly rated it medical problem is compare to the other entire state of Illinois. Even thought Sangamon county health care provider rate it 50% better than the rest of the country, it still in the top 25% of having cancer in the United State.
Database has it important in this world as it can help Sangamon County reduce it cancer rate by finding out all it contributing factor. It opens your eyes to how raw data can be so useless unless somebody compile it to a database for usage. With its use of it database it can help all it citizen be healthier by targeting the country weak point in it health care system.

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