DbNinja the New Wave of MySQL{2}

by Andrew S
The author of the article talks about SQL and the myriad of different programs that people can use to tinker with SQL databases.  One of the SQL tools the author then references is DbNinja, which is like no other MySQL clients.  What makes it unique from other applications is that you are able to define multiple hosts while examining or modifying any of its databases.  The tool gives detailed information such as the server status, processes, and system variables. DbNinja gives off the feel of a desktop application and is more user-friendly that its SQL application counterparts.  Probably one of its most appealing qualities is that it is free for personal use, so anybody is able to download it and use it.

I thought that this article was interesting and relate able to what we are learning in class because it explores MySQL and the different platforms that one can use it on.  There are many different programs out there in which you can use for SQL databases, and this article talks about some of them.  It mainly talks about DbNinja and gives various reasons as to why it stands out from other programs.

The article itself gives many pictures of the program and displays a first-hand view of all the benefits that DbNinja has to offer.  I also liked how the program was free to download and that the article provided a link to their website.  This gives anyone the opportunity to download this SQL management software and to use it as they see fit.  It caters to a wide audience and just about anyone who is interested in SQL tools and database.

Buckler, C. (2012, October 29). Administer MySQL Like a DbNinja. Retrieved from http://www.sitepoint.com/dbninja-mysql-client/