Dealing with Heterogeneous Database Environments

by Katheryn T
I read an article about how to retain data integrity and the structure of a database with heterogeneous data. Heterogeneous data is data that comes from various sources with many different formats. This is a problem because SQL databases are relational and use a table system to organize data with very similar formats. For a solution, the article states that using HTTP over XML can help maintain the structure of a database better. The first step is to send the query to a SQL query capture and transfer module. The next step is to send that query to the target database system. While all the queries are being processed, there is a time stamp on all of them to ensure they are processed correctly. The last step is to receive and process the query. The request is then labeled “received” and is filed. Time stamps are very important because the queries need to be executed sequentially. In the second step, there is an error handling process. Some requests may be in DML or DDL and some may be MS SQL or Oracle. There are procedures for handling these issues. In one case, there is no discrepancies and the query is processed. In another case, there are substitutes for adapting data. The last case is that there is no alternative.

In class we have been discussing SQL databases and their importance. This article relates because it talks about a better way to make sure that the structure and data integrity are maintained. It is important to understand what kind of data you are dealing with and how to process it. Are you using Oracle or MS SQL 2008? These differences can determine whether or not a database will be successful or not.

I thought the article was very informative about how SQL databases need to be maintained. Although, with the third case for handling errors, to simply have “no alternatives” seems like there could still be a lot of research and development done on the subject. But overall, very informative.



Hossain, M. (2012). SQL query based data synchronization in heterogeneous database environment. Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI), 2012 International Conference on, 1-5.