Deployment of Oracle into AWS{Comments Off on Deployment of Oracle into AWS}

by Joey L
Amazon is deploying Oracle databases into its AWS service.  Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a platform of remote computing services in the cloud.  Amazon Web Services provide online services for web applications by offering cloud computing.  The benefit of cloud computing is the ability to minimize capital spending.   Now with the Oracle database, clients can rent database with a “pay-as-you-go” pricing with no up-front fees for long term conditions.  With Amazon’s AWS service, clients are no longer physically restricted by their hardware/software.  The massive global cloud infrastructure of the service allows clients to quickly innovate and launch ideas as well as deploy applications on demand.

Once clients pay for the service, users are able to get the Oracle database server running in less than half an hour.  Normally it takes weeks and months to deploy an Oracle database server.  The Oracle database can be integrated into AWS in 2 ways: Amazon RDS (service platform), or Amazon EC2 (service through infrastructure).

With the new cloud based process of AWS, many processes such as establishing and procuring of a new database server can be facilitated faster than traditional servers.  Example include:

  • IT infrastructure team receives a request for a new database server (hardware/software/storage)
  • IP addresses, OS and database installation are provisioned almost instantaneously via Amazon service
  • IT application team deploys application components
  • I find Amazon’s SWS to be a great way for companies to reduce cost.   It is low cost since it offers “pay-as-you-go” pricing.  It’s also an easy way to start up an Oracle database, which usually takes up weeks to get it running.  Since the infrastructure is through the cloud network, everything can be transferred instantly.  Overall AWS is an easier and cheaper method to procure and get new servers up and running.

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