Developing A Database-Backed Web Application

by Kathy S
Database-backed applications generally use structured data where output via different parameters such as subject or material type is desired; enable searching of the data by various parameters; manage constantly changing data; and allow the reuse of information in different contexts and pages. The author of this article journal focused mainly on the important things to consider when building a database-backed web application. The long list is as follows: Planning (deciding what you want, get everybody on board, think big, start small), Define the System, Develop a Data Model, Define Interactions, Define the User Interface, Implement (select a hardware platform), Select a Data Management System, Select Development Tools, Coding, Production, Issues (Data backups, data integrity), Security and Communication. When it comes to planning it is important to identify the persons who will fill various roles in the project: Project coordinator, data users, designer, database administrator, developer/programmer, and testers. Also, Data modeling is considered the most critical part of the entire process and one that is too often overlooked according to the author. The designer will save a lot of time and avoid many problems and frustrations by focusing on proper data modeling before attempting implementation. The article goes into much more detail for each of the points listed. I’d recommend reading the entire journal article to understand the whole process.

This past week we learned a bit about database application development, which relates to this article. The chapter doesn’t really emphasize on the process of developing an application, but only on how an application works. It was good to know the process of how an application is developed.

I liked how the author explained clearly each part of developing an application. It was simple, which was very helpful and allowed me to understand the process. Before this article, I really didn’t know how much detail went into developing an application and how much there was to consider.

Westman, S. (2002). Building database-backed web applications: Process and issues. Information Technology and Libraries,21(2), 63-72. Retrieved from

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  • November 19, 2012 at 12:44 am

    Hey Kathy! I really like the unique topic – I feel like the topic of the web and databases communicating with each other is still something we need to discuss in class at length. As someone who develops websites for a living that are dependent on 1. CMS’s (Content Management Systems) which are 2. dependent on SQL databases, the facts on how they communicate is imperative to our knowledge as students who will be possibly going into the DBMS field. Last week I presented on an article about SQL database security – one thing I didn’t mention was that aside from Microsoft’s SQL Server, MySQL (an online SQL DBMS) is the second leading SQL DBMS in terms of security. That itself is phenomenal and definitely illustrates the impact the SQL language has had on the web and the impact the web has had on SQL. Again, cool topic and well done.

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