Digital World and our Privacy{4}

by Tuyen H

With the constantly increase of mobile technologies, we do not have any privacy anymore because “Users of TVs, computers and smart phones leave technological fingerprints wherever they go, and companies are lapping up the data” said, David Sarno. In the article “there is little privacy in a digital world,” the author writes about Apple company collects its users who use apple products and sends the information to Apple Database center (Sarno, 2011). By doing that, Apple knows exactly where and when its customers been. For example, if you are using Apple IPhone, you are leaving your fingerprints anywhere you go. Apple keeps a record of its customers’ transactions in its database and provides them to businesses for advertisement. Recently, Apple introduce I Phone 4S with the voice search feature. You just speed to your IPhone “Show me my location” right away, IPhone load exactly the map showing where you are. It is seem to be cool, but imagine that the whole world knows exactly where you are, and where is your privacy?

Apple offers a combination service of its mobile products and its server database. Apple also introduces new ICloud that allows user to save their data on it.  With this idea, Apple makes profit on selling its products and its customers’ information.

I total agree with the author about we are losing our privacy for businesses’ profit. We need to think back what we get from new technologies and what we lost for them. For me, Privacy is really important because it is one of basic human right. Although Smart Phones are very conveniences; however, those conveniences are not enough for us to give up our privacy.  

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