Disaster Recovery combine with the cloud{1}

by Robert Q
The article by Jeff Vance, “How the cloud democratizes and complicates disaster recovery”, goes over what the cloud can do to help businesses with their disaster recovery plan. The author points out that most businesses don’t have a DR plan in place or most businesses would back up the most important data to tape and shuffle the tape off to secure location or would even hope and cross their fingers that nothing will happen. The author believes that businesses are not taking advantage of the cloud and what it can do to help a business with their DR plan, however the author notes that businesses should not take a laissez-faire approach to using the cloud for their DR plan because there are some negative parts that the businesses need to account for. The author said that using the cloud as a DR plan is only scratching the surface of DR plans, organizations need to adapt their DR plans with the cloud and other plans.

I believe that what the author said is true in regards to using the cloud as part of a DR plan, however organizations should not depend on just the cloud as their DR plan. Most of the negative side affect of using the cloud as a DR plan noted by the author are completely correct from cloud accounts getting hacked and losing important business information to downtime from the cloud provided that could affect business operations.

What the author said in the article is important for many organizations because most businesses believe that developing a DR plan could cost too, however organizations have to research which options will cost them more if their company is affected by a disaster. Also using just the cloud as a DR plan will not fully help the business repair itself from a disaster, but can only help. Just as the author said “cloud-based DR just scratches the surface” (Vance, 2012).


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