‘Drill’, A New Project From Apache{1}

by Leonardo S
The article I chose for this week is titled “New Apache Project ‘Drill’ Aims to Speed Up Hadoop Queries” by Todd R. Weiss. The topic of this article is the new project taken up by the Apache Software Foundation called ‘Drill’. For those that don’t know, Apache is a community of users that develops open-source software, including the popular OpenOffice. The purpose of its new project is to have a tool that will speed up the use of Hadoop data analysis tools. By letting users do quicker queries of large data sets, Drill promises to be a reliable replacement to similar paid programs such as Google’s Dremel. The article continues by saying that the need for Drill was brought about by increasing user requirements, which basically means that people are tired of waiting more than a few seconds for query search results.


I think that this article about Drill goes well with this past weeks topic of performance. Getting faster responses is something that every computer user would welcome without a doubt. In this case, those who are searching a database for trends or anomalies will soon have a new way to getting a quicker response than they would have gotten if they didn’t have the results of this new project. Even those who have a need to scan a database for network intrusions will have a use for Drill.


The fact that Apache’s Drill is being made as an open-source project is quite amazing. By doing so, they will be able to make it support a large variety of data sources, formats, and languages. It will also make it more accessible to those smaller companies that don’t yet have the resources for a similar yet costly service. As a user of other Apache programs, I am looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.


Todd R. Weiss. (2012). New Apache Project ‘Drill’ Aims to Speed Up Hadoop Queries. Available: http://www.eweek.com/database/New-Apache-Project-Drill-Aims-to-Speed-Up-Hadoop-Queries/ . Last accessed October 28, 2012.