Dropbox for Teams: Cloud Storage for Business{2}

by Daniel L
Many of us have either heard of or used Dropbox to move our files between computers and other devices.  Dropbox has grown to become a recognized internet based file hosting provider and go-to service for backing up files primarily for individual consumers.  Dropbox wants to change that by reaching out to business users as well.  There are a lot of businesses out there who have employees that like to share files and documents with their coworkers and clients, and have used the Dropbox services in the past.  To help provide more solutions for businesses, Dropbox has developed a business-oriented version of their service called Dropbox for Teams.  Typically, individuals who start a Dropbox account, have access to 2GB of storage at no cost, businesses  with a Dropbox for Teams service on the other hand, start with 1TB of storage that five users can share, with a price tag of $795 dollars a year.  It is important to note that if the users that are sharing the 1TB of space end up needing more storage, they can add as much as they need, upon Dropbox’s approval and quota.  At first, the price for the 5 user Dropbox for Teams service may sound quite expensive, but if you were to compare the individual plans with 100GB of storage at $239.88 a year, with the $159 per person price-tag of a Dropbox for Teams service with potentially unlimited storage, the Team option is the clear cut winner for business oriented cloud storage needs.

I’m curious to see where Dropbox goes with this new service.  With all the other business oriented tools that other cloud storage services offer, it might take a little while for Dropbox to catch up.  Having an expandable quota web based storage service. with telephone tech support, will definitely provide enough leverage to make Dropbox for Teams a viable option for many small businesses that are still looking for the added option of scaling. Adding another user will add another $125 to the $795, which is still cheaper than the price you would pay per individual on a standard Dropbox account.

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