Drupal: New Cloud API{Comments Off on Drupal: New Cloud API}

by Miguel V
The article I chose to blog about has to deal with Acquia launching a new cloud application programming interface for their Drupal platform with the intentions of making the installation, deployment and maintenance process of a webpage and database a much simplified process. Drupal, which has been online since 2001, “is used as a back-end system for sites, ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political and government sites, including whitehouse.gov and data.gov.uk. It is also used for knowledge management and business collaboration.” The Acquia Cloud currently “hosts hundreds of Drupal sites, serving more than 5 billion http request and about 1 billion page views per month.” The new Acquia Cloud API was introduced last week as a tool that allows the developers of a web page the option to better customize their Acquia Cloud’s capabilities and its features like “developer workflow, site management, and provisioning”. Cloud API makes web deployment a faster process now by helping developers integrate Acquia Cloud tools into their web site. These tools save a developer lots of time by giving them access to features that perform common task like streamline site building, data cleansing, automate custom operations, accelerate time-to-deployment and “other operations to ensure data and code quality consistently across environments.”
Couple of topics that consisted with topics we discussed during class were “Database management Systems” & “problems with data dependency”. Drupal is a database management system because it is a software system that is used to create, maintain, and provide controlled access to user databases. In order to perform reports and analyze data correctly all the data has to be consist, the Cloud API comes with features that have “operations to ensure data and code quality is consistent across environments.”
I found this article to be very interesting because it deals with the rapidly growing topic of cloud computing and web development. With cloud computing becoming a major part in how people store and transfer files across servers there is need for web developers to be able to create full functioning websites faster, with less errors and easier then they have in the past. Acquia new Cloud API will help tackle that issue head on by providing features that will save them time when it comes to testing and debugging web spaces.

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