Easy syncing through the Cloud

by Tomas R
The article I read, titled “Calenders in the Cloud: No more Copy and Paste,” is about the benefit of the cloud system to allow syncing between different devices through the cloud system, as opposed to storing data in a tradition database. The author highlights that using a cloud storage system is a lot easier than entering data into a database when it comes to using a calender, because a database does not allow information to be synced from multiple devices at the same time. The use of the cloud allows information to be synced from your home computer to your phone, website, tablet, or another pc simultaneously. The author also points out how much easier it is to store in the cloud because you only need to type in the information once. The author lastly shows how different using online storage is than from physical storage, using the example that when handing out a piece of paper to someone physically, to give it to another person you need to make a new copy. When it comes to online databases, you already have a copy, and the other person already has it at the same time.

The article relates to class because we have been working with databases, and this article shows an instance where cloud computing may be easier and quicker than using a traditional database to store your information.

I liked this article because it shows what uses cloud computing can have compared to a traditional database. Cloud computing can make things easier and quicker, and allow for seamless interaction between two parties. The ability to transfer information and still possess it makes cloud computing a great choice for items that do not need great security, such as your calender.

Source: Udell, Jon. (2012). “Calenders in the Cloud: No more Copy and Paste.” WIRED. Retrived on June 2, 2012, from http://www.wired.com/cloudline/2012/06/calendars-in-the-cloud/