Effective data modeling{Comments Off on Effective data modeling}

by Andrew J
It is important for companies to plan out their plan before they design and deploy their data model. Three models are used for the design phase of the project. The first is conceptual data modeling, second is logical, and third is physical data modeling.
Conceptual data modeling usually includes the entity relationship diagram. What creates relationships in this type of data modeling is not informational similarities but the business practice itself.
The logical data model involves taking the business information gathered from the conceptual data model and transferring it into an observational layout of the data in a relational style.
The physical data model is the final stage of planning. It describes the absolute design for the database implementation.

Planning out the data model is imperative to the data modeling process. Without it, companies will have to redesign the model even after its deployment. Redesigning the model will cause these companies to spend more money in addition to that of the original cost.
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