Friendly SQL Queries{7}

by Claudia J
The peer review article that I read was called “Interactive SQL query suggestion: Making databases user-friendly” by Ju Fan talks about how SQL is a good tool for querying relational databases. The author mentions that it is hard for beginners with a lack of programming skills to make efficient SQL queries as they require being proficient in SQL syntax and having a good understanding of the underlying schema. The author proposes a SQLSUGG which is a user-friendly keyword-based method to help people create SQL queries. This method suggests SQL queries as users type the keyboard and also helps to save what the users type to avoid them having to type everything multiple times which avoids SQL debugging in a way.

I think this article ties into the class because we have a project where we have to develop some queries for our final project. It might be a tool that we can use to write more efficient queries for projects as beginners in SQL programming. The SQLSUGG provides SQL templates that are relevant to the query keywords inputted. It is important to keep a good structure in the query because it is very essential to an SQL query because it specifies which entities are involved in the query and how they are jonined together. As we all know, the SQL syntax includes the query structure in the FROM clause and JOIN condition in the WHERE clause.

I picked this article because it talks about how we can use resources already available to improve queries as we work with SQL. It might result in something hard for us now that we are beginning to learn how to use SQL programming for databases and I believe that by checking and following already templates helps us understand better the concept. We should check how this SQLSUGG method works and see how we can fix the suggested templates to fit our needs.

Ju, Fan. (2011). Interactive SQL query suggestion: Making databases user-friendly. IEEEXLORE, PP.351-362. Retrieved November 25, 2012.