Efficient SQL{6}

by Mike Y

            The article goes into how to better optimally use SQL Server because as technology advances and becomes more complex, it becomes increasingly harder to find the most efficient method. The authors go into improving the performance of SQL Server instances, queries, and optimization features in SQL Server 2008. The ways of running efficiently are further explored by going into more detail in having efficient data schema, indexes, avoiding recompiling of execution plans, among other things.

            Running an efficient database translates to better performance and lower costs in the long term. It is why many tech companies value efficiency. Having a smooth running server translates to a better customer experience for business that have some operations done online which is most companies today. I feel that most companies do not yet realize the importance of a good system like the tech companies such as Google does.

            A well planned and executed server should not only perform better but also be more secure. It is impossible to safeguard versus everything since new technology keeps emerging creating more chances of vulnerabilities. It would be disastrous to a company’s reputation if security was breached due to incompetence of an employee instead of a hacker’s malicious intent.

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