EMC Introduces new high-speed flash based storage{1}

by Hassib K
EMC has introduced a new high speed PCIe flash based storage device that is supposed to increase performance.  The device sits in a PCIe slot and also attaches to other storage devices on the back end.  This flash based storage will act as a high speed cache for servers allowing them to access mission critical data very fast.  Since EMC’s device attaches to storage arrays as well, it will allow protection for the data by maintaining copies of it.  This device is different than their competitors since most other devices act as direct connect storage devices that do not connect to storage arrays.  The data protection makes this product different and better than others.  Barry Ader, senior director of product management at EMC said, “We improve performance while protecting data in front of a VMAX or VNX array,” (Kovar, 2012).  They claim the device will decrease latency by 60 percent in Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle environments.  Currently the device will work the same with or without EMC brand storage, however in the future they will incorporate EMC brand only features.  This component is part of another product they’re working on called “Project Thunder”.  “Project Thunder” should be available in the second quarter of this year.  Ader described it; “Think of it as many PCIe cards put inside an appliance which is then connected to the server through a high-speed connection to deliver millions of IOs per seconds with microsecond performance” (Kovar 2012).


This new piece of hardware sounds very promising for servers.  Increasing performance is crucial for data intensive environments.  Businesses will greatly benefit from this increase in performance.  Having access to information faster will allow for quicker decision making and potential increase in efficiency and productivity.  The article did not mention the price however, so a cost benefit analysis would have to be done once this information is released.  The claims of 60 percent latency decrease is substantial so I would like to see more performance reviews by third parties.



Kovar, J. (2012, February 6). Emc rolls out pcie flash-based storage technology. CRN. Retrieved from http://www.crn.com/news/storage/232600327/emc-rolls-out-pcie-flash-based-storage-technology.htm?pgno=2