ER Modeling for iPad{1}

by Alexander V


The article relates to the week’s lecture in that it relates to ER modeling. The article was about an update to a piece of data modeling software for the iPad. The company, Permeative Technologies, is known for making “drawing apps’ and distributing their apps through the app store. They recently updated their ER modeling software, Draw ER, for the iPad to version 1.2. The app allows users to easily create ER diagrams quickly right from their iPad. Draw ER has most of the functions of modeling software such creating entities and relationships. A diagram can be created by dragging shapes from a menu onto a work area. The software has a couple of notable features such as: working on multiple sheets simultaneously, re-sizable work area, and easy to draw simple diagrams. The software can be purchased for only $0.99.


The article was good; it gave some information in regards to the software. I found it more interesting to read the reviews that Draw ER got. All the reviews that were provided for the piece of software on the app store were negative. The main complaint was that the software doesn’t do what it is supposed to do–create E-R data models.  One of the reviewers compared the app to using an etch a sketch for ER modeling. In addition to Draw ER, two other ER modeling applications are available in the iTunes app store: Models! sold by Wowsystems for $13.99 and CloudERD by QURIUM Solutions, Inc. for $2.99. From the reviews in regards to Models!, it has potential but needs some improvements and has some stability issues. CloudERD has no reviews at the moment. From the looks of the Models! screenshots, it has more functionality than Draw ER but it is also more expensive.

Overall, I think that there is room for improvement for mobile ER modeling software. At this moment, there are only three pieces of  ER modeling software available from the iTunes app store and all of them are not very good. I think that there is potential in having ER modeling software for mobile devices since most of the software I have used models are dragged onto a grid. Dragging and dropping models can mesh very well with touch input devices.


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