ERD vs UML? what do employers want?{Comments Off on ERD vs UML? what do employers want?}

by Willen L
In this article the author talks about the employment demands of ERD vs. UML. Whether employers prefer one over the other and with the ever fast changing IT field it’s sometime difficult to gauge what skills are preferred in the profession but with all these job search tools online it’s possible to gauge where the demand is. The author analyzed data that he obtained from SkillPROOF since the beginning of 2004 and wrote this article 2 years later in 2006. The data was collected from 137 IT focused companies and the data was collected daily and there were a total of 35,932 jobs recorded. They did a keyword categorization according to history and a sampled content analysis for a week to dig deeper into the matter. They found that data modeling when searched without a specific methology is one of the required knowledge bases. That means a lot of jobs want data modeling but did not specify what type of modeling (ERD vs UML).  UML appears to be more on the application development side and are often listed as a critical skill. ERD tends to focus on database design and maintenance and is also often accompanied by skills in software such as ErWin, Visio and TOAD.

I thought this article was interesting and relevant to our class because we are going to college to hopefully land a good job and I thought it was helpful to know what is in demand in the job market in terms of skills.



Winkler, H., & Seip, H. (2006). Employment analysis of ERD vs. UML for data modeling. Journal of Information Systems Education, 17(1), 65-72. Retrieved from