ERP and the users’ view{Comments Off on ERP and the users’ view}

by Stephen O

Image Property of Peoplesoft

Image Property of Peoplesoft

All of us use an ERP. Whether you knowingly use it, use it in disdain, or unknowingly do so. If you are a student at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona you are familiar with Bronco Direct. It is the software that we use to add/drop classes, search for classes, check holds, register for tests, and see when your financial aid disbursement is. Most college campuses have an ERP System, in fact, Mount San Antonio Community College switched just a couple years back to their own My.Mtsac ERP software. Now before I go any further ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning.  It is the software that is used for many business functions such as  Finance/Accounting, Human Resource management, supply chain management, project management, customer relationship management, data services, and access control. “. They evolved from standard inventory control packages to material requirements planning (MRP) and manufacturing resource planning. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is now considered to be the price of entry for running a business.” (Yu-Min, 2006) I know if you are like me you cringe when it comes time to register for classes, and Bronco Direct otherwise known as Peoplesoft, is down.  ERPs can be complicated, complex, and expensive to install and there has to be some way of evaluating to see if an ERP system is even necessary and once it is installed, just how successful such a system might be. In Taiwan, they used 264 people and subjected them to a newly installed ERP system. “The results suggest a ten-item instrument to measure three components of ultimate-user satisfaction in an ERP environment: ERP project team and service, ERP product, and user knowledge and involvement. This study has conducted a rigorous scale development procedure to establish a reliable and valid instrument for measuring ERP ultimate-user satisfaction.” (Yu-Min, 2006) Through this study they established a valid way to measure ERP Ultimate-user Satisfaction.

This article is important because it talks about ERPs, something we are all familiar with and was something of importance in business. We have had some good and bad experiences with Peoplesoft/Bronco direct and reading this article you should wonder how it would rate in similar circumstances. How it would measure in terms of service, quality of product, user knowledge and involvement(how fast the staff and students can grasp and master it.) Should Cal Poly conduct a similar user test for their ERP? Was the implementation of our ERP successful by industry standards? How would you rate our ERP for Cal Poly Pomona? Thoughts?

Yu-Min, W. (2006). Measuring ERP success: The ultimate users’ view. International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 26(8), 882-882-903. doi:10.1108/01443570610678657