ERwin on the cloud{3}

by Quoc L
ERwin is moving to the cloud for storage. The CA’s program ERwin is getting a update that enable it to use the “cloud” to store it’s database. By storing databases on the cloud, customer can instantly and constantly track their DB whenever and wherever they are. User can now access the database from their workplace, their home or anywhere in between. This change help keep the data consistent throughout it usage. The IT department can also keep track of all the change made to it easier by enabling few or a single database up for modification.


It pretty interesting that to find out how CA’s ERwin is keeping up with the technology trend of going to the cloud. With this approach they can better server their customer by giving them a more flexible way to manages their databases. CA also help the IT department by giving them a hand in risk management with a powerful yet flexible tool that enable them to monitor users accesses. With the usage of cloud, users can edits their databases from anywhere instead of having to waiting to get to work to edit the database.


It great that ERwin users can have a greater flexibility on their data however it raise the concern on security. It would make you think how safe the user information is? Who is the the one responsible to keep the content safe? The website host, CA program, the users or all three of them. With the flexibility of access the database through the internet, it also possible for unauthorized personnel to get access to the database too. A Safe database can be life of death of some company, for example if somebody were gain accesses into coke cola database and extract the secret formula. Coke would lose a huge market share to Pepsi as every competitor would be able to make the same drink without the price mark up.


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