Erwin The Winner{1}

by Ivan C
Erwin Data Modeler is software developed by CA Technologies. According to IDC CA Technologies “is the global market leader in data modeling tools based on 2010 revenues.”  It helps users practice database design and modeling. The needs of professionals are taken care of by having drawing, navigation and layout tools with data management functionality. Using Erwin helps users create the best data modeling solution. Enterprises looking for

  • Data model governance
  • Flexible reporting and publication
  • Repository based collaboration
  • Integration and open architecture
  • Extensive user community and ecosystem

can benefit most from Erwin (Natesh, 2011). By using Erwin Data Modeler organizations can have a visual representation of their data structure allowing them to make decisions about their data more efficiently. Around 70,000 users have used Erwin to design their database and its ease of use helps non database developers create their own models (Schwartz, 2011).

Overall these articles help explain more about the software we are using in class. We are able to see an insight of what the software is supposed to accomplish and how it helps organizations with their database needs. After reading I look forward to using the software more to see how much I can familiarized myself with the program.

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