Everpix, Ever-Lasting Memories in Beautiful Album Form{Comments Off on Everpix, Ever-Lasting Memories in Beautiful Album Form}

by Joe C

Everpix is an upcoming web image service that aims to take all of your photos and automatically store them in aesthetically pleasing albums. Using their software tool, it allows you to connect to your other image services such as Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, and Instagram and snag all your images. To start off, the service will sync/upload your entire photo library. All of your photos will be set as private until you choose to change it. You can also choose to enable other web sharing services such as Facebook’s Connect or Gmail’s OAuth. Now their specialty point is called “Moments,” in which the service automatically compiles groups of pictures that it believes fits together into a nice album. Another feature is auto-curation, which processes your photos and hides blurry, dark, or out-of-focus photos. The post goes on to list some improvements, stating that “A comprehensive photo database needs to be searchable and structured, not just organized and pretty.”



I think that this is a new edge kind of service, really similar to Photoshop. It takes your photos and stores them in a database, and using automatic sorting/processing features, it is able to kind of recognize which photos have similar qualities and attempt to store them together in a matching album. This relates to our current studies in the way that things are grouped. In the giant scheme of things, there is Everpix’s database which stores everything. Within this database are many user accounts, each of which has many albums. These albums further contain many pictures, and the specialty of this web service is that it can attempt to give and sort each picture by their attributes. Each picture entity may have attributes such as color, page orientation (portrait vs. landscape), entities (people, animals, items), etc. The service then groups them in albums that have pictures containing certain attributes, very much alike many database storage systems.

I really like the concept of this service, as I know many people don’t like to go through the time to individually sort each picture. This service can automatically make pleasing albums ready for sharing, as well as possibly auto-tagging your pictures for you. Like the last sentence says, this service’s main feature right now is to make things look pretty, but it may be the first step into making an automatic searchable photo database.



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