Everpix let’s you see and organize your pics from anywhere{Comments Off on Everpix let’s you see and organize your pics from anywhere}

by Asbed P
Everpix is a small utility that allows you to connect to all your pictures, all at the same time.  This means that it syncs all your pictures from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, Gmail, and any photos from your computer all on its own cloud based website.  The app was created by Pierre-Olivier Latour and Kevin Quennesson, who are both former Apple employees who worked at Apple for over two years.  This is also a reasonable answer as to why Mac users will be getting this app first.  To get started you install a small utility that will begin to sync all the pictures you have on your computer. By clicking on the Icon in the menu bar, it sends you to their website that will allow you to decide which services you want to connect to, as well as specify which folders you want to sync up online when the app starts.  By default the pictures uploaded by the app will remain private unless you decide to share them will someone or decide to make it public in its entirety. Although all this sounds great, the syncing with Gmail pictures isn’t too great.  It asks you for your username and password instead of using OAuth to connect and sync images.

This utility seems like it will work great in the future.  Once all the bugs are worked out of it it has the potential to be a big hit and since its still in the alpha stages of its developement its still too early to judge.  It personally sounds great and the fact that it will sync all your images sort of in a DropBox kind of way sounds promising.  If it follows the same model as DropBox it could eventually get as popular as well.  However, the whole issue with security is a little troubling and seems like it could become a problem down the road.  Especially in the case of the Gmail username and password issue.

I think its a great idea.  People are using so many different social media sites that all their pictures are sort of strewn about the web.  This app sounds like it could unify everything under one app, and if done successfully i think it will become a big hit.  Since its only in beta, only time will tell.

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