Every hotel room simulated.{1}

by George A
The website Room 77 is a comprehensive hotel room database. It covers every aspect of a hotel including the rooms, grounds, features, food and service. They have indexed over 425,000 rooms in 2,500 properties in North America and the UK. Room 77 is accessible through the website and an iPhone app which allows the user to get a complete view of the inside of any room with square footage.  They have a room view simulation similar to Google Earth. The user is able to set desired characteristics for their room preference and then it is queried and matched by the database and website. They are currently in the process of using their own employees and non-employees to gather data regarding the rooms and are also working with Starwood in expanding the database. Room 77 acquired TripKick last year which was similar website. TripAdvisor is competitor to Room 77 and already has a set foundation in its service.

After comparing the two website it is easy to see that Room 77 is much easier to use than TripAdvisor. The layout of the website is just much cleaner and easier to use although TripAdvisor does have more content currently and users who are adding reviews all the time. Both have the ability to set preferences for a particular room but Room 77 is more efficient.

I think that this make a lot of sense for the hotel industry. People in general want to have reviews of where they are staying prior in order to plan their trip in a better fashion. I’m sure that some people are more picky than others and would love to see every part of their room.

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