Every law you break, every mouse click you make, we’ll be watching you{2}

by Stephen O

In the Europe Union there are plans for a  new EU wide database of “alleged intellectual property infringers.” What is concerning the EU’s Data Watch dog is that these are alleged infringers and “there is no legal standing” for a database. It will collect personal data such as Names, Addresses, and other personal information in addition to the suspected infringement. The information will remain in the database for a unspecified amount of time.  At the time being there is no way that any person could verify just how legal a Database like this is.


Be afraid be very afraid. They are creating a database for alleged infringers…alleged. Without proof to have taken place, or proof that what was an illegal act. This basically means they can finger point to anyone and put them in this alleged database of IP infringers…and the worse part is we do not know who gets to see this database, who has access to it, how long names stay in the database, or what role the database is supposed to play!

We should keep a close eye on this, and how this develops in the European Union, and hope that this never comes across the Atlantic. Imagine for whatever reason you could end up in a database for an alleged IP theft or infringement, you do not even have to be charged with anything. Your name and other personal information end up in this database. You have no clue who will see it, future employers? Government agencies like the TSA, FBI, CIA,  and ATF? You have no idea how long your information will last in that database. It is downright frightening!

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