Extracting Data from databases into Excel SQL !{Comments Off on Extracting Data from databases into Excel SQL !}

by Dean H

This article explains the steps to acquire data from databases. It first used Access as an example, which already support the import feature when using excel. Users simply click on the Data tab  -> Get External Data group from access and navigate to the database file, and click on the table. If an user wants to extract data from a database that is administrated or does not include a build-in import/export feature, ODBC(Open Database Connectivity) would be the best option. Note that this article mainly covers the Windows based database/operation system. When using ODBC, the user must set up a connection file which will enable Excel to download data from an ODBC – compliant database. In an addition, user ID and password are normally required in order to access the database. The article provides an example of using ODBC to connect to a SQL database. At the end of the article, the article introduced the method to capture online data by using the build-in Excel data feature.


Personally I found this article very beneficial. It taught people how to extract data from all kind of ODBC compliant databases(which most of the databases are). As an intern that perform data analysis on a daily basis I found it extremely useful. Loading data from web pages is also refreshing and easy to accomplish. I was not aware of this feature until reading upon this article.  Last but not least, I can also utilize this method later when building the SQL database for the class.  I think the next step is how to obtain the data from a database when the ID/Password are lost, or when the Database administrator is not present due to professional reasons. Does anyone have any input on doing that?



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