Face recognition database

by Robert Q
The article title “SCface – surveillance cameras face database”, covers that idea of adding static images of human faces into a general database and applying an algorithm to go through the database to match the faces to the images in the database. The general idea to add thousands of static images of some 100 plus subject into a database and have the database and the software run and try and match the images together. The static images that are added into the database covers a wide range of different formats and quality of the photos. The author mentions that in order to have all of the images correctly match the images in the database, the database had to be develop in a way that it can recognize and store every details of each images not just the detail of how large the image file is or what type of image it is. The database have to be able to store and analyze the data image every detail. Also the authors mention that the database have to develop in a way that it can analyze all of the data as fast and as accurate as possible.


This article bring up some good points in how the database is going to run, however some of the details of how the actual database environment is going to look is not stated in the article. The idea of developing a database that is able to analysis the images has they are input is somewhat confusing in it that we, the reader, have only general ideas of how this is going to work. The author doesn’t state any of the important details of how the entire software and database is going to run together perfectly. However I like the general idea of using the image database correctly by adding images that are static and i can only see that this develop of program and database will continue to grow and improve as time goes by.


Grgic, M., Delac, K., & Grgic, S. (2011). SCface – surveillance cameras face database.┬áMultimedia Tools and Applications (3 ed. pp. 863-879).

3 thoughts on “Face recognition database”

  1. I liked this post. It expands what I posted two weeks ago about the face recognition system being developed to prevent unauthorized people from driving a car. I think that this kind of systems will further develop in a near future. Even though it has been around a while now, it still sounds innovating and people gets excited when testing products like this one.

  2. Good article. This idea has a lot of potential in terms of securities. Off the previous comment about driving a car, it reminds me of the movie Demolition Man, where the car would not function since his records were not in the system. I would imagine that this database would require a lot of specifics, especially if specific details of each image is needed in order to function.

  3. Face recognition is starting to be implemented in a lot of places. Face recognition can be use for unlocking a computer, tagging friends in pictures on Facebook, and etc. Face recognition is growing slowly, but it still needs quite a bit of time to be mature. It seems like the article did not mention what they are going to do with this after the whole technology have been developed.

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