Face recognition to decides who drives{5}

by Ricardo C
In this article the author talks about a system who would recognize someone’s face and determine if he or she is able to drive a vehicle. A Waterloo company pair up with the University of Windsor and developed an algorithm for a face recognition system and a blood-alcohol level sensor on a steering wheel. According to the article the facial recognition system has a database that the owner of the car can control and determines who drives the car.
This system will also help to reduce auto thefts since the car will not start if the person is not on the database. The article also mentions that the technology will be packed with sensors built into a steering wheel that would detect a driver’s blood alcohol level when his or her hands are placed on the wheel. The system will determine if there is an exceeded limit of alcohol in the individual and would halt the car.

I found this article really interesting since there is a very interactive database linked to this system. Reading these kind of articles makes me understand the importance of databases and how we can implement them on real life. Having a database that is able to make conclusions and make smart decisions is innovative. Face recognition databases have been used for other purposes such as unlocking your computer or Facebook using it to tag you on pictures, but having face recognition integrated to a vehicle can save lives and prevent thieves from committing crimes. Databases can be use for different things besides storing employees’ or students’ information.

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