Facebook has a Penchant for Opera{3}

by Shaleen S
Ever since Facebook’s IPO was done, the investors have been a little uneasy because the IPO wasn’t that mind boggling as one had expected it to be. Facebook’s biggest form of revenue is advertisements, and it intends to expand it furthermore by thinking to acquire the Opera mini web browser for mobiles. If this deal happens, it will definitely be a great relief to investors and other people invested in Facebook. It will give them more assurance than before. As, of now this remain to be a rumor, but speculators are saying that is is very likely that it can happen.

As per the statistics almost a 168 million people had used the Opera min web browser for their phones. If the acquisition happens, Facebook can also extract out more information about its customer even if they are not using Facebook. That data will be really helpful to build further, and will provide with the ideas on how to improve their advertising and online socializing more fun. It will also mean that Google will face a rel threat in terms of competition and gaining market shares. It could also cause worries for Apple.  Opera has a TV Browser app, media players, and set-top boxes. What this means is that if any person is using that on their TV’s in their living room, Facebook will have that reach to advertise on it, and market what it wants to market.

Another reason that this rumor might become a reality is because Opera has apparently stopped hiring more people into their firms which means it is looking for a buyer to buy them out. Mark Zuckerberg,  CEO of Facebook was stated saying that he wanted to metamorphose Facebook’s way of advertising on mobiles, and Opera would greatly help in that endeavor. This has created a surge amongst Opera lovers and they have started to express their disapproval onto online forums. But in the end, it all depends on Facebook and Opera. Many of us might be unaware but Opera revolutionized the way browsers work today. Things such as having tabs, or having a pop-up blocker ability, and integrated search bar were all Opera’s innovations. Many users take these things for granted when using any browser, but it all happened because of Opera. All in all, this deal will greatly help Facebook in its standings. And now that the IPO has taken place, it has to take care of its investors too, and this deal will make that happen in a much better way.



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