Faster WiFi{3}

This article relates to Wi-Fi speeds. A team of Japanese researchers has just broken the record for wireless data transmission in the terahertz range. This is 20 times faster than most current Wi-Fi connections. The researchers focused on an unregulated part of the electromagnetic spectrum between 300GHz and 3THz. Using these frequencies the researchers were able to develop hardware capable of transmitting at 3Gb/s  at frequencies up to 542GHz which is about 20 times faster than current Wi-Fi connection. According to the article this is just a concept and terahertz Wi-Fi would probably only work over short distances.

I think this relates to previous topics in class such as mobile devices. We discussed that databases for mobile devices are growing because the mobile device has become popular but it has its limitations such as computing power and narrow bandwidth. I found this article interesting because this could take care of the bandwidth limitation and it might give mobile devices chances for further development using databases.

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