FileMaker 12: On-The-Go Database Management

by Robert T
In Tony Bradley’s article ,”Four Reasons to Consider FileMaker12,” featured on, Bradley explains how even user’s who aren’t very experienced in managing a complex database could turn something difficult, into something relatively easy and very useful. FileMaker is an application used to create relational databases as well as implement a user interface that allows users to easily view and modify existing data. According to Bradley, “The new FileMaker 12 promises to make it easier than ever to create sensational databases that look good across multiple platforms and devices.” Which is exciting because not only is software able to make database management much easier by including multimedia into the information with a simple drag – and – drop, but it allows for users to take this information with them wherever they go. Using both of these features will allow users of FileMaker 12 able to directly record a video with their handheld device and place it directly into the database multimedia container fields. FileMaker applications are only available on Mac OS, Windows,  and iOS. It would be to the benefit of the company to include even the Android Market as well.

Now of course these features would need an improvement in processing power, right? The next great thing with this newest edition is that it’s now been introduced with 64-bit versions. Bradley illustrates how the newer 64- bit editions, “are capable of addressing more memory, and can process large database files much faster.” So not only could one manage aesthetically pleasing databases which are much easier to modify, but FileMaker 12 is now more powerful than ever.

Taken from Bradley’s article, “All FileMaker 12 products are immediately available. FileMaker 12 starts at $299 for the Pro version ($179 for the upgrade version). The iPhone and iPad apps are available for free from the Apple App Store.” I think it’s pretty amazing to see such sophisticated management being supported on handheld devices now a days. If FileMaker Inc. (Formerly Claris) wanted to capitalize on their earnings, I think it would be a great idea for them to target the Android market as well. If they didn’t, we could expect for other companies to follow the same direction and devise their own on-the-go database management system.  I find it interesting the way Bradley puts it when he says,” [But]  just as most people would rather drive a hot new Ferrari than a rusty, dented 1972 Ford Pinto, users are more likely to put the database to use if it looks good.” If the application can make database management much easier to work with, outfitted with an easy to understand user interface, and implement multimedia all into one package I think a lot more people would be interested into purchasing something similar to this product. With that I think we’ll see more up and coming services such as FileMaker12 in the near future.

“Four Reasons to consider FileMaker 12.” 2012. PCWorld, Tony Bradley. Retrieved April 7, 2012.

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  1. This is actually a really cool article. This will enable almost everyone to take its advantage and manage their files. I think it’s a great idea and developing it for 64bit versions will enhance its scope. And i agree that taking it out to the android market will be a boost.

  2. I also think that it’s a very good idea to use database applications on iPhones. Using the 3G or 4G connection, people would be able to access and update the database anytime in any location. That would also make the use of smart phones more important.

  3. Interesting article, this could be great for file management on the go. Also the more versions out there, the more people will be able to use it, good idea.

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