FileMaker12, the Database Managing Software{Comments Off on FileMaker12, the Database Managing Software}

by Hoyoung C
FileMaker is a software owned by Apple, but it supports windows and it can be used to access Microsoft Access’s database. In this article, the author Tony Bradley gives four reasons why businesses should consider using FileMaker. The first advantage of using FileMaker is that it comes with pre-packaged database layouts and different themes. So this would be good for starts to get the database managing files set up. The second advantage is that multimedia documents can be linked in filemaker12. The third advantage is that it has faster performance. FileMaker comes in a 64-bit version, so it is able to process database files at a faster speed. The last advantage is that FileMaker is compatible with iOS. Since it can be used on iPhones and iPads, it is good for remote users. The FileMaker App is free for iPhones and iPads. I think that using this is a good way to manage files; especially since it already has pre-packaged layouts, it would be easier to manage it.

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