Financial services customers benefiting from SQL server{3}

by Giselle N
The article I read this week dealt with how financial services customers are benefiting from Windows Server OS and Microsoft Server SQL. A company called, Skandinavisk Data Center (SDC), which services more than 150 banks is hoping to save around 20 million dollars annually by switching from its mainframe platform to Windows Server OS and SQL server. Not only are these systems helping to reduce costs, but also improve operational efficiency. For example, Microsoft along with Temenos Group AG, have come up with Temenos (T24) which is a banking system enhanced for SQL server. When performing a demonstration of the system, the mock-up bank consisted of 25 million accounts, 15 million customers across 2,000 branches. The system was able to process “3,400 transactions per second and averaged more than 5,200 interest accrual and capitalizations per second during the close of business processing.” Some banks in Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand are some of the first to start using T24 and show improvements. Furthermore, in 2011, SunGard and Microsoft partnered up to demonstrate the performance and range of Front Arena, “a global capital markets solution that delivers electronic trading and position control across multiple asset classes and business lines”, on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. The test involved real life financial workloads, running the software on hardware usually found in datacenters. As a result of the demonstration, Front Arena running on Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 did very well even going beyond the team goals. This was able to validate that the server can deliver performance, range and value companies expect from their trading platform.

I found this article to be highly informative. It’s interesting and impressive to know the many uses that people and companies can benefit from using the SQL server. It’s kind of intimidating using software for our class projects that has this much range and scalability and is being using by large companies for real world workloads. At the same time, it’s interesting to be learning it and know how much it can potentially help us in our careers.


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