Five Points to Consider for Cloud Computing

by Hoyoung C
Five Points to Consider for Cloud Computing
In this article, the author says that the number of businesses that use cloud computing is rapidly growing. The concept of cloud computing is to deliver services over the internet, rather than having it done on a person’s computer. According to cisco, it is said that the cloud computing services will increase by 12 times fold by the year of 2015. In the article, the author Seamus Bellamy points out five advantages of using cloud computing services. The first advantage is that the cost of storing and maintaining data can be greatly reduced. The second advantage is that it is easy to back up data. If something happens at the office, the information can easily be restored since it is stored in a different place. The third advantage is the scalability; being able to keep up with the increasing demand and having enough server capacity is important. The fourth advantage that the article explains is the mobility. If the company’s data is streaming, work can be done from anywhere; which means employees do not have to sit in their offices to get work done, and presentations for clients can be made from a remote distance . The fifth advantage of cloud computing is the future proofing.  Future proofing means that the stored data will be accessible in the future. With the cloud storage being used, companies do not need to worry about upgrading hardware for future proofing since the information is stored in cloud storage.
Another interesting fact that I learned from another article is that cloud computing is used in many different areas and has been used for a very long time. According to the author Robert Dutt, most of the consumers in the U.S. do not know the term “cloud computing” while they are using cloud based services. The applications are used in areas such as: e-mails, online gaming, photo sharing, office use, and backup and storage.


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3 thoughts on “Five Points to Consider for Cloud Computing”

  1. There are advantages to cloud computing, but also there are disadvantages. Even though it can reduce costs and it the mobility helps with better accessibility, but I think the biggest issue with cloud computing is with security right now. E-mails, online gaming, and photo sharing are some of the areas you mention we use in cloud computing, but these areas have lesser value for cyber attacks. Office use, backup, and storage will not be something that organizations and businesses can just go into easily without a lot of considerations. These are business intelligence or information assets that can be precious to organizations and businesses. Unless cloud computing services can prove and provide high level of security, it will be hard to really trust that our data to be safe in the cloud.

  2. From a user standpoint, I believe we benefit more from cloud computing than business applications due to the fact that users are mainly storing files in the cloud that do not require as much security to store. To be more widely used, I believe an emphasis on security ( as RonnyWang commented) must be utilized in order to gain the trust of bigger businesses. At this moment in time, most implications for cloud computing are used for normal users with such services as Google Music/Documents and DropBox. This is just the surface cloud computing and I believe much more convincing needs to be done in order to gain the backbone of corporate use.

  3. Despite how easy it is to use cloud computing, I believe you must also pay close attention to how your information is stored, since it is accessible through the internet. I can certainly see your point about how it is growing though, as it is being integrated into many internet sites and applications that the average consumer uses.

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