FORD’s Weak Database Security!

by Abubaker D

My article is about a database scam that occurred recently. Illegal substances were caught in a woman’s car while she was crossing over from Mexico to the USA. The funny thing is that the woman wasn’t the one who put it and she didn’t know anything about it. The police did some investigation and found out that a gang accesses peoples information using the FORD database system. They tracked and wrote down the woman’s drivers plate. After that, they gave the plate number to a lock smith that can access the FORD database system without any problems. The smith obtains information about the cars key type and then makes one. The gang simply tracks the woman’s car and loads up the illegal substance onto it. Then when she reaches the US they just take the substances. The police never knew the actual people that did it. But they just knew that a lock smith entered FORD’s database system and searched for the plate number and got the information.

This is related to our class because it talks about database security. It’s helpful for students because even though FORD is a big company, its database is still not secured properly. And it should add more security measures. People need to always consider what thieves might be thinking of doing.

I was really disappointed in the way FORD set up its database system. Companies are full of flaws and in my opinion, the best way to stop a thief is to know how he acts. I will make sure I always think from the thief’s perspective and set up my security measures based on it.

Larry Seltzer (2011). Drug Smuggling Scheme Teaches Database Security Lesson. Retrieved from


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  • January 29, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    I find your article to be really interesting how criminals will always find way to bypass security measures the government have in place and also finding loop holes in the system. And its true that just because Ford is a large company but it doesn’t mean their database is secure, i makes me worry that one day i could be the victim of these database breach.

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