Fortinet(TM) Strengthens Database and Application Security With Major Software Release for FortiDB(TM) Product Family

by Quoc L
Fortinet have release a major software update for it FortiDB program. The FortiDB program aim at mid to large size organization that need to protect it databases and assets. The update introduce some neat features such as analytics and reporting abilities. A few other improvement the new update included, real time connection blocking and enhance usability. However the majority of the update was to fix all the software loophole that hacker use to gain access to privacy company information. “Protecting sensitive database and application assets is among the most strategic security and compliance requirements organizations face today,”(Marketwire, 2012)

In a ever changing world were technology change at such a rapid rate, the need to keep up with  new threats is critical to some companies survival.Company like KFC can’t afford people to find out it secret recipes.  Without it secret nobody would really want to pay a premium just to eat KFC chicken when everybody else have the same. Another company that have a use for FortiDB is Coke. With the competition between the 2 soft drink giant, the lost of it competitive edge can have irreversible damage to the company.

I find it interesting that every software that is connected to the internet need a constant stream of update otherwise it would be a security risk. The database of a company is like it the brain of a enterprise and with unauthorized modification can damage it it permanently. On a side note the higher the complexities of program become the more security loophole  that it have. So it a consistent fight to make a highly usable program that is safe at the same time.

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