Four Reasons to Consider FileMaker 12{Comments Off on Four Reasons to Consider FileMaker 12}

by Jonathan N
This article talks about the software FileMaker 12, which is a database program that will help drive your business. The new FileMaker 12 guarantees that the average user will enjoy their software much more than their competitor, because of the sleek user friendly design. They state in the article that their software is comparable to a hot Ferrari rather than a old Ford Pinto. The Filemaker12 is designed to  look great on multiple platforms. The article states 4 main features the software does that makes it one of the best database programs. The first feature states that Filemaker 12 comes with 16 starter solutions or templates such as inventory, project management, contacts etc. that make it easy for you to just plug in your personal info. So for the average user that is incapable of gifted graphic design skills does not need to worry about it because the software has templates ready to go. The second feature that Filemaker 12 offers is embedded multimedia. Embedded multimedia enables you to drag and drop multimedia content in your database with much ease. The third feature is Faster Performance. They have introduced a 64 bit version of the FileMaker Server which has the capabilities of addressing more memory and can process large database.  The fourth and final feature is the iOS Apps. They have made their software have Apple iphones and IPad capabilities because mobility is the essence of the new modern technological advanced world.

This Article was great in comparison to the class discussion. We were learning about database modeling and this article gives us a new light to the different forms of data bases. They don’t all have to be boring and hard to understand. Filemaker 12 has made it easy for us to understand database modeling and has made it simple with the 16 starter solution templates that they offer. I enjoyed reading this article because i was out of the loop and did not know about the different types of software that is available, that makes it easier for us to create data bases.



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