Genetic and Protein Interaction Database

by Michael V
This peer reviewed journal article is a public update upon the progress and advancement of the BioGRID database system. The BioGRID is a public database that collects, stores, and distributes data about human and other model organisms’ genes and proteins. As of the article’s publishing date, the BioGRID holds 170 162 genetic and 177 804 protein interactions, for a total of 347 966 interactions. Because of the sheer quantity of various organism’s genetic and protein data, the interface of the database has had to upgrade forms several times to accommodate methods to display the data in meaningful forms to the users. Currently, the BioGRID is up to version 3.0 with web interface to allow public access to their information and database, and has integrated search functions, display features, and rapid queries to make it as user friendly as possible.

The post is related to the course material through it’s use of large database software to store, track, and display the data in a meaningful way to users. The BioGRID is essentially a large database package that has been designed to meet the goals of sharing genetic and protein interaction data with the public, and as the data accumulates, the database must adjust to accommodate. This is where database maintenance comes in, in order to constantly adjust the database and the interface to fit the needs of the people using it.

I personally have little interest in the genetic code of organisms as I am not performing anything even remotely close to a bio major, but the database itself is relatively easy to use. You simply enter in a keyword and it will trigger a search for the specific snippet of genetic code most relative to your query.

Peer-Reviewed Journal*
Chris Stark, Bobby-Joe Breitkreutz, Andrew Chatr-aryamontri, Lorrie Boucher, Rose Oughtred, Michael S. Livstone, Julie Nixon, Kimberly Van Auken, Xiaodong Wang, Xiaoqi Shi, Teresa Reguly, Jennifer M. Rust, Andrew Winter, Kara Dolinski and Mike Tyers, (2010). The Biogrid Interaction Database: 2011 Update. Retrieved from