Giant Retails Partner Up{4}

by Stefan S
The article talks about how Circuit City, Wal-Mart, GameStop, JCPenny, Kohl’s, Macy’s and Sears join the Law Enforcement Retail Partnership Network or knows as LERPnet. LERPnet is a national database that allows merchants to share information on organized retail crime with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and with each other.

According to the articles the program is help retailers fight back against burglaries, robberies, counterfeiting and online auction fraud perpetrated by organized theft rings. According to National Retail Federation on 2006 Organized Retail Crime Survey, 81 percent of retailers said they are have been a victim of organized retail crime. (Wolf, A (2007)) The FBI estimates annual retail losses to organized retail theft at $30 billion. The system is programmed by ABC Virtual of West Des Moines, Iowa, uses a secure Web interface for data entry, viewing and queries of incidents. Retailers can report information about suspects, getaway vehicles and identification numbers of stolen products, and can post photos and video footage to help law enforcement to see the crime patterns.

We can relate to this article to the class on how important database can be. Database runs very important role in corporations and personal life. In Corporations like Wal-Mart and the other giants retailer shoplifters can be very commons for them.

In my opinion having LERPnet is very important. It can control and minimize the potential crimes. Is great to have a backbone to each other, so big company can watch each other back to prevent unwanted scene. The only concern I have is that since LERPnet linked to FBI and other government agencies, is that mean we are constantly being watch too? If it is where our privacy goes?

Wolf, A. (2007). Circuit City, Wal-Mart Join Crime-Fighting Database. TWICE: This Week In Consumer Electronics, 22(18), 36.