Glacier Cloud Service By Amazon{4}

Glacier Cloud Service by Amazon.

The article I chose to read for this week is “Amazon’s Glacier Cloud Service Puts Data in the Storage Deep Freeze” by David Hill. Glacier is a cloud service recently introduced by Amazon Web Service (AWS). It is a low-cost storage service for the long-term preservation of data that owners do not hope to see again. For those who are not familiar with the Glacier, I’d love to share with you this new storage service by telling what the glacier can be used for, what it brings to us and why people would like to stick with it.

Glacier is mainly used for old data that’s is retrieved less and less often as time goes by. However, data that is accessed less often does not mean it is not important; people not only tend to lose the data more often due to lack of attention but data also get lost as more and more mixed data (both new and old ) accumulates. Therefore, more and more data is falling into archive category that most of times they are tended to be fixed or even permanently deleted.  Glacier offers what it is called “Cold Storage” that makes data unlikely to be lost. files have poor frequency of retrieving will be stored in the “Cold Storage” with same protection and transfer speed as the active files.

Glacier protects the confidentiality of the data by using powerful 256-bit encryption. Comparing to other IT shops, AWS offers a higher levels of data security and integrity. For instance, Glacier offers what it is called “availability areas.” which is supported by ten separated AWS data centers. all data stored in the availability area will be backed up to two facilities in addition to its primary location. (David)

I chose this article is because it is related to data management, data analysis, categorizing of data, and preservation.In my opinion, it is not only simply a new technology but it is also a warning to related industries. Glacier offers higher protection and better efficiency  with a cost as low as $120 per terabyte per year. it is obviously a win for Amazon for its first mover among public. For now, it might not destroy the tape or other cloud industries but it definitely has its potential to cause threats. Therefore, It should have tape vendors’ attention, otherwise, tragedy of Kodak will sure happen to them.

Source: Hill, David (2012, September 14)  “Amazon’s Glacier Cloud Service Puts Data in the Storage Deep Freeze”

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