Global Warehouse{Comments Off on Global Warehouse}

by James C

Data warehouses of today’s companies are increasing in users and data at an alarming rate. Used for primarily business intelligence the data that is entered into these warehouses are causing some issues with quality in query transactions. Current businesses utilize tools that analyze data and exhaust the resources that support the databases. The reports of usage of past data of these warehouses were expected and predictable, as opposed to today’s required analysis of real-time reporting and faster query response times. The issues that currently reside with today’s database systems are the concurrent complex queries of rather large data sets. These issues are creating performance problems to database systems that are already strained for resources. This article covers the good and bad of alternative methods to solving poor performance in database queries.


The reason I like this article is that it covers more than one point of view. It’s not centered around one standard method or step-by-step ritualistic procedure. SQL syntax is like chess, easy to understand but difficult to master. The difficulties will be in programming queries that will produce the results that are desired but utilize the least amount of resources.

With the World Wide Web making global economies more and more relevant the need for more efficient data warehouses. The positive of these data warehouses will be their improved programming in processing data to become significant in making well informed business decisions.


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